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An editor's workspace with pencils, paper, and reading glasses.

Starting an Accountability Group

Even with all the advantages of freelancing (avoiding the commute, setting your own hours, protecting yourself with multiple income streams), you still might find yourself missing the kinds of discussions and professional camaraderie that come with in-office jobs.  Accountability (or mastermind) groups can help, and it’s wholly within your power to start one. (I did [...]
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Ingredients sit next to a slow cooker

Don’t Lift the Lid! Slow Cookers and Editing

Lifting the lid on a slow cooker, even for a second, supposedly adds thirty minutes to cooking time. In much the same way, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of time lost when an interruption takes editors out of their editing groove. If I’m editing a manuscript and have to stop to address a […]

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Shh! What Do Editors Mean by ‘Silent’ Changes?

With Word’s Track Changes turned on, every insertion or deletion an editor makes is visible to the author. Silent changes happen when the editor switches Track Changes off so that the author can’t see what’s been changed. Sounds sneaky, doesn’t it? Almost nefarious. It’s easy to imagine authors bristling at the notion. But there’s a […]

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5 Reasons Authors Need Style Sheets

Any good copy editor will provide a style sheet when returning an edited manuscript to an author. But, you might ask, just what the heck is a style sheet and does an author really need one?

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