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Editing Is a Conversation

Too often people view editing as a one-way service in which the editor “corrects” the author’s prose. To get the most out of the author–editor relationship, however, it’s important to remember two things: • Editing is a conversation. • Edits are suggestions. (Though general principles still apply, the following is geared toward the relationship between […]

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Four on the Floor with Author J. J. White

[An abbreviated version of this interview ran in my September newsletter.] Author J . J. White has been kind enough to credit my editing with helping him land an agent and traditional publisher. Read on to learn more about the author and to see how he responded to the Four on the Floor interview. About […]

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A Walk-Through of the Editing Process at Castle Walls

If you have a manuscript that you’d like to have edited but have questions about what that entails, then it might be helpful for me to walk you through the editing process here at Castle Walls Editing.

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The Crossing: Jumping from an In-Office Job to Full-Time Freelancing

Escaping office politics is one reason editors might want to embrace freelancing. Editors are often introverts who shy away from socializing, so freelancing would seem to allow them the freedom to do their work with less social interaction.

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Sorry, Darlings: Depression, Rejection, Revision and Publication

When I was seventeen, my mother and sister were killed in a car accident. I’ve said this, almost word for word, to many people over the years, and saying it has always been more than a statement of events. It’s always been a self-aware explanation (at least in part) of who I am.

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Editing Is A Lot Like Shaving…

An editor can’t edit without the proper tools, and these days that means a decent computer, a monitor (or two or three), a high-speed internet connection, software (Word, PerfectIt, etc.), dictionaries, and style manuals, for starters.

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