Why ChooseCastle Walls?

For any piece of written material, words, like the stone blocks used in castle walls, should be carefully chosen for strength and appearance.

In the same way that words are strategically situated within sentences, paragraphs, and complete works, the blocks in a castle wall work together to create magnificent structures that hold up to the closest inspection.

The walls of a castle exhibit strength, project beauty, provide security, and enable fellowship. At Castle Walls Editing, James Gallagher hopes to embody these qualities:


Your written works should be built on a strong foundation and should serve the purpose for which they were intended. They should have the desired effect on their intended audience, and editing facilitates this.


By cleaning up prose and eliminating errors, editing allows the aesthetic pleasures of any work to shine through.


When you put a written work out into the world, you should feel the security that a good edit provides and know that your work is in its strongest possible state.


Castle Walls Editing enables fellowship through a mutually beneficial author-editor relationship. This relationship results in improved work and also facilitates fellowship between author and audience, whoever that audience may be.


The last look at a work before it goes to print, proofreading entails a check for typos, repeated words, spelling, punctuation, and formatting issues. Errors found here may have been missed in previous stages or may have been introduced during layout.


A rigorous edit, copyediting entails a check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, continuity, and consistency. Edits are made on screen with Track Changes so that clients can review all changes, and a style sheet is provided for reference and further explanation of edits.

Manuscript Evaluation

With a manuscript evaluation, you receive a review of your manuscript and an evaluation of such items as structure, overall pacing and tension, characterization, POV, setting, continuity, and notes on awkward or confusing sentence structure.

Developmental Editing

A Big Picture look at your manuscript, developmental editing addresses similar items as those in the manuscript evaluation. But in addition to the evaluation letter, this includes page-by-page commenting in the document itself.



Fees are provided on a project-by-project basis, with fixed fees eliminating client worry over final project costs. The price for a project is based on the level of editorial work required, and a sample edit can also be performed for a small fee.

Your written quote details the editorial tasks involved, the time frame, and the fee. A deposit of one-third of the total project fee is required to begin work.

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