Scene It First Interview with Deborah Halverson (Ep. 5)


Scene It First Interview with Deborah Halverson (Ep. 5)

On May 24, 2023, YA author Deborah Halverson joined me for the fifth episode of the Scene It First series, sponsored by Fictionary. In this series, I speak with bestselling, award-winning authors to talk about first scenes, share secrets of writing craft, and celebrate the stories that thrill and inspire us all.

In this episode, Deborah talks about her book Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies and shares helpful insights on writing YA fiction. Later in the episode we look at the first scene from her novel Big Mouth and take questions from the audience.



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In addition to hosting the Scene It First series, James Gallagher is the owner of Castle Walls Editing, a Fictionary-Certified StoryCoach Editor, and the copy editor of more than 250 books.

About Deborah Halverson

An editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for 10 years, Deborah is the author of Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies, Writing New Adult Fiction, the teen novels Honk If You Hate Me and Big Mouth, the picture book Letters to Santa, and three books in the Remix series for struggling readers.

Armed with a master’s degree in American literature and a fascination with pop culture, she sculpts stories from extreme events and places—tattoo parlors, fast-food joints, and, perhaps most extreme of all, high schools.

About Fictionary

Fictionary is a story-editing software that allows writers and editors to glean insights and perform developmental edits on their works using Fictionary’s 38 story elements for character, plot, and setting.

The software also provides attractive visual reports, including the story arc (showing location of the inciting incident, plot point 1, midpoint, plot point 2, and climax), as well as reports illustrating such items as the story map, character list, and word count per scene.

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