Four on the Floor with Dea Poirier


Four on the Floor with Dea Poirier

I’m pleased to present the following interview with Dea Poirier. Enjoy!

Bio: Dea (D.H) Poirier was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she got her start writing in creative writing courses. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma for Computer Science and Political Science. Later, she spent time living on both coasts, and traveling the United States, before finally putting down roots in Central Florida. She now resides somewhere between Disney and the swamp.

She spends her days at her day job as a director of email and lifecycle marketing, and her nights writing manuscripts. Dea is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and is a member of ITW.

James: Bringing a book into the world is a long journey filled with twists and turns and unexpected ups and downs. What has been the most surprising part of the process?

Dea: For me, it was having my first contract fall through. Next Girl to Die was originally sold to a different publisher, but they ended up dropping a substantial portion of their list. My book was a casualty and was canceled. I was lucky enough that my book sold very quickly once it had to go on sub.

James: Who are your major influences?

Dea: Loreth Anne White and Gillian Flynn.

James: What role did editing play in the shaping of your work?

Dea: Editing really helped change the face of Next Girl to Die. The project started as more of a romantic suspense, but as it was edited, it took on far more mystery elements and ended up with far less romance than the original draft.

James: What recent books, shows, or movies have you found particularly inspiring? 

Law & Order: SVU is my biggest inspiration when I’m writing mystery. Also, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was a big inspiration for Next Girl to Die.

To learn more about Dea, visit her website, like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

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