Fictionary Services

Fictionary Services

As a Fictionary-Certified StoryCoach editor, I offer developmental edits using Fictionary software, which allows editors to track the 38 Fictionary Story Elements for character, plot, and setting.

The Fictionary way:

  • Positive
  • Objective
  • Comprehensive
  • Specific
  • Both high level and detailed
  • Creative

When writers hire a Fictionary-certified editor, they receive both an in-depth story edit and access to leading-edge StoryCoach software to help them finish their novel. The story edit includes a professional summary letter and a complete package of editorial advice (scroll down for more details).

Fictionary certification:

Certification entailed a two-month program overseen by Fictionary founder Kristina Stanley. Dedicated to producing the world’s best editors, Kristina leads editors through a rigorous learning program addressing the 38 Fictionary Story Elements in live and on-your-own work sessions.

To complete certification, editors submit a full developmental edit of an 80,000-word manuscript, which is graded for tone, story insights, and comprehensiveness.

Fictionary editors have a passion for story, and certification is a true badge of honor.

With a Fictionary development edit, you receive the following:

  • Detailed summary letter with visual insights on enhancements for your manuscript
  • Scene-by-scene tracking of the 38 story elements (viewed within Fictionary)
  • Scene-by-scene notes (viewed within Fictionary or exported to a Word document)
  • In-line comments and tracked changes
  • Book promotion in the Fictionary community upon publication of your manuscript

To see all you get when you work with a Fictionary editor, download this free sample edit (PDF).

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