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Course Review: Editing for Point of View and Perspective

The self-paced Editing for Point of View and Perspective class from Club Ed delves into finer editing considerations of particular benefit to developmental editors and line editors. As with all Club Ed courses, the materials and exercises are first-rate. After having taken many quality courses from Club Ed creator Jennifer Lawler, I’d picked up this […]

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Book Review: Such Kindness by Andre Dubus III

“I used to be something, I guess. But I’m trying to let go of all that.” Tom Lowe always thought everything would be all right as long as he worked hard enough. He had a wife and son, a home he’d built with his own hands, a future that seemed within reach, despite the nagging […]

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Book Review: The Ferryman by Justin Cronin

Any Justin Cronin release is an event. The books of the Passage trilogy are among my favorites (oh, that first hundred pages), and The Ferryman shows the author at the top of his form with this stand-alone. His latest resonates with the motifs readers will recognize from his earlier works: falling, the wonder of stars, […]

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The spine of Meet Mr. Hyphen

Review: “Meet Mr. Hyphen (And Put Him in His Place)”

In a post from Merriam-Webster’s Words at Play, Mary Norris (Between You & Me) called Meet Mr. Hyphen the “best thing ever written about hyphens.” First: All hail the Comma Queen! Second: If Norris’s assessment intrigues you, then you’re probably a copy editor.  I read that post years ago, and because the book was out of [...]
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Book Review: ‘Because Internet’ by Gretchen McCulloch

If all the cool kids on Editor Twitter are gushing over a book on language, then I should probably read it too. Because peer pressure. But also because I follow other editors for good reasons: to learn from them, to stay current on trends in the industry, to feel part of a community even while […]

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Book Review: ‘Our Lady of the Inferno’ by Preston Fassel

Along with the much-anticipated rebirth of Fangoria magazine came Fangoria Presents, a publishing venture that launched with the release of 2018’s critically acclaimed Our Lady of the Inferno by Preston Fassel. With its splashy neon-pink-accented cover art and the all-but-flickering “Fangoria Presents” signage in the paperback’s upper-right corner, Our Lady has much of the same […]

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