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Computer surrounded by online connections

Staying Connected during Isolation

Isolating in our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased the amount of time we’re spending in virtual spaces for business, pleasure, and education.  Before the pandemic, I had weekly meetings with clients on Google Hangouts and Skype, but since the shelter-in-place guidance I’ve seen a big increase in meetings via Zoom (not to […]

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Ingredients sit next to a slow cooker

Don’t Lift the Lid! Slow Cookers and Editing

Lifting the lid on a slow cooker, even for a second, supposedly adds thirty minutes to cooking time. In much the same way, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of time lost when an interruption takes editors out of their editing groove. If I’m editing a manuscript and have to stop to address a […]

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Over 3.5 Million Words Served

The other day I summed the word counts on my books-edited spreadsheet and saw that in the last two years I’ve edited over 3.5 million words. That’s a big number, the kind of number that’s impossible to fully imagine. Most of the books I copy edit or proofread range from 70,000 to 100,000 words, so […]

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What Are Zombie Rules in Grammar?

Zombies are fueled by mindless hunger, and this mindlessness is part of what makes them scary. If you have a choice between reasoning with a zombie and bashing one in the head with a shovel, the latter approach is more likely to help you avoid becoming one of the undead yourself. Zombie rules in grammar […]

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Taking the Plunge: Running an Editing Business

Last Wednesday I said my goodbyes as senior editor at Recorded Books and embarked on a new life running an editing business. Even after fourteen years with a company I love . . . Even after forming personal and professional relationships I hope will continue indefinitely . . .Even after spending nearly a third of my life as a Recorded Books employee . . .Even after all that, those first steps into my new endeavor felt . . .

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Toward (Towards?) a Better Tomorrow

Big changes lie ahead for me personally and professionally. I’ve made some life-altering decisions, and I feel good about those decisions. There’s uncertainty, sure, but I feel good about that too. I’ve lost a lot in life. My mother and sister died when I was 17. Not long thereafter I spent a summer watching my grandmother die of lung cancer. I’ve lost too many friends too soon. In many ways I lost my father, who died just before the new year, long ago.

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