I’m Now a Fictionary-Certified Editor

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed my Fictionary certification and am now listed among the program’s Fictionary-Certified StoryCoach Editors.     The training program entailed two months of text and video lessons, biweekly Zoom calls with Fictionary founder Kristina Stanley and other members of the class, and the completion of an entire developmental edit [...]
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The spine of Meet Mr. Hyphen

Review: “Meet Mr. Hyphen (And Put Him in His Place)”

In a post from Merriam-Webster’s Words at Play, Mary Norris (Between You & Me) called Meet Mr. Hyphen the “best thing ever written about hyphens.” First: All hail the Comma Queen! Second: If Norris’s assessment intrigues you, then you’re probably a copy editor.  I read that post years ago, and because the book was out of [...]
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Someone works on a report

My First Annual Report for Castle Walls Editing

I finally did it. For the first time since committing to full-time freelancing at the end of 2017, I’ve drafted an annual report for Castle Walls Editing. While the report is for my eyes only, putting it together has been tremendously helpful, and I’ve already started my 2022 report, which I’ll be updating throughout the [...]
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An editor's workspace with pencils, paper, and reading glasses.

Starting an Accountability Group

Even with all the advantages of freelancing (avoiding the commute, setting your own hours, protecting yourself with multiple income streams), you still might find yourself missing the kinds of discussions and professional camaraderie that come with in-office jobs.  Accountability (or mastermind) groups can help, and it’s wholly within your power to start one. (I did [...]
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A pier stretches into the water toward a stunning sunset.

Caring for Myself Helps Me Care for Your Work

Time takes its toll. Editors (like authors) spend a lot of time at their computers. As the hours, days, and years go by, we’re well served to find little ways to reduce the stress on our bodies and minds. I turned fifty recently and am hoping to edit for decades to come. But I’m more [...]
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My Appearance on Story Strategy Live

Recently, I was happy to appear on Story Strategy Live to discuss style guides and style sheets with Nancy Smay and Dawn Alexander of Evident Ink, an editorial agency for whom I perform guest editing. You can view the Facebook Live session by clicking here.     Nancy and Dawn are fantastic hosts, and I’d […]

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A wide array of books

Books Edited by James Gallagher

The following are books I’ve edited, either through Castle Walls Editing or other editing agencies. I look forward to editing your book as well!   An Invincible Summer by Mariah Stewart (Copyedit) Straight Answers by Dr. Christopher Chung (Final Manuscript Proof) Blindsided by Erica Hilary (Manuscript Evaluation) From These Broken Streets by Roland Merulla (Proofread) […]

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The word "study" appears before stacks of books

Training and Its Many Benefits

Professional associations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and ACES: The Society for Editing offer many resources that help editors excel in their work and run successful businesses. I particularly appreciate the access to quality training provided by these organizations, which offer courses at discounted fees to members.  Courses are generally either learn-at-your-own-pace (where […]

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Computer surrounded by online connections

Staying Connected during Isolation

Isolating in our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased the amount of time we’re spending in virtual spaces for business, pleasure, and education.  Before the pandemic, I had weekly meetings with clients on Google Hangouts and Skype, but since the shelter-in-place guidance I’ve seen a big increase in meetings via Zoom (not to […]

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Ingredients sit next to a slow cooker

Don’t Lift the Lid! Slow Cookers and Editing

Lifting the lid on a slow cooker, even for a second, supposedly adds thirty minutes to cooking time. In much the same way, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of time lost when an interruption takes editors out of their editing groove. If I’m editing a manuscript and have to stop to address a […]

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