About Us

About Us

The Focus Is On Your Work.

At Castle Walls Editing, the client is always the star. We are happy to be an invisible partner, ready to assist you in any way. We are committed to you and dedicated to bringing out the very best in your work. We also hope to meet many new and interesting clients, and it is our privilege to work on materials that bring about change, move audiences, and promote the author’s goals.

Meet Senior Editor James Gallagher.

James Gallagher is a professional editor with more than twenty years of experience. He is an active member of the editing community, both online and at conferences.

James began his editing career by proofreading chemical and electrical patents for a law firm while attending the George Washington University. He has since written and edited for the Department of the Navy and the world’s largest audiobook company, as well as a variety of clients.

James has enjoyed a love of reading since childhood and has always known he would work with words in one form or another. The thrill of tidying up text engages him in a way nothing else does.

Dedicated to a path of continued learning and new challenges, James enjoys helping people, and he seeks to partner with likeminded creators to produce works of high quality, integrity, and interest. Through Castle Walls Editing, James assures clients that their written work achieves its best possible form.

James embraces the notion of serving the client, the client’s audience, and the work itself. When it comes to editing, James wants clients to know that he brings a strict level of attention to every job, every document, every paragraph, and every sentence, right down to every space and punctuation mark.

A Call To Action.

“One of my earliest memories involves copying the text of the original Star Wars novelization into a notebook. I must have been seven or so, and I’m not exactly sure why I was doing it, but I remember enjoying the sense of seeing the pages fill and the thrill of somehow joining myself to a work I admired. I want to always bring that sense of wonder and engagement to every job and to every client.” —James Gallagher