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My Presentation on Copyediting for the Fictionary Loves Writers Conference

On February 12, 2023, I was honored to present this session on copyediting at the three-day Fictionary Loves Writers Conference. In this session, I addressed the following questions: What are the levels of editing? How do you prepare for a copyedit? What is the editor’s process? What do you do after the edit? Enjoy, and […]

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Scene It First with Delancey Stewart, Marika Ray, Melanie Summers and Kelly Collins (Ep. 7)

On July 19, 2023, acclaimed romance authors Delancey Stewart, Marika Ray, Melanie Summers, and Kelly Collins joined me for the seventh episode of the Scene It First series, sponsored by Fictionary. In this series, I speak with bestselling, award-winning authors to talk about first scenes, share secrets of writing craft, and celebrate the stories that […]

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